• Buttocks (leg back) exercise action recommended: one legs prone to come forward

    Similar actions are single leg Romanian hard pull! But compared to single leg hard pull too difficult (need a good balance and the core strength), the prone to one leg hip flexion and extension is more simple! This action makes use of the Roman chair to help you stabilize the action more easily! At the same time the knee is almost no participation! Also can improve your bilateral imbalance of muscle strength!

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  • Fitness knowledge: internal attention and external attention

    "Put your attention on the target muscle group, to feel its force ...." I believe everyone in the usual training, have been suggested to do so, and now has been used. If your goal is to increase muscle, then this proposal will give you a great help. But if your goal is to enhance the absolute strength or sports expressive force, then this proposal may no longer apply.

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  • Sports knowledge: the body of the three major energy systems

    The body is like a machine, the need for energy to make this machine to start the operation, and the human body is the fuel we eat the food, through the digestive system after treatment, the nutrients which through a series of metabolic processes The energy form required for adult somatic cells - adenosine triphosphate (ATP, Adenosine Triphosphate).In order to maintain life, the body organs will continue to operate, so the body 24 hours a day in the consumption of energy

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  • Bilateral Training VS Unilateral Training

    In the design of strength and physical training program, the choice of action is a very important consideration. Although bilateral training (squatting, lying, etc.) has a historic status, unilateral training (single-legged squatting, unilateral dumbbells, etc.) has recently been marked by more researchers and coaches as more effective training The

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